Autumn has started, but is still hiding its full colours. Some of the trees have found their bright yellow and orange sides, but some still remain fully green.

What would be a better time to go planespotting while wearing latex? That’s a thing, surely.

The choice for the outfit was not an easy one to make. Even though the previous part’s platinum-thingy-coloured catsuit sits extremely well, we though that a classic, metallic green catsuit would be a great choice to match with the surroundings.

Accessory choices were limited, but lucky for us, Leila had just the perfect choices available in her wardrobe.

Yellow! And more yellow!

Leila is an excellent driver. Careful, but still decisive. It’s a pleasure to sit in the passenger seat with her on the wheel. But, still, I like driving myself, too.

Recently all we’ve driven have been Toyotas. They’re just so reliable!

Also, behold – no latex gloves this time. You lose a good chunk of feeling while wearing ’em while driving. They’re also very slippery.

Just as we arrived, a plane landed right above us with a mighty roar. We’ve been somewhat nearby of planes taking off or landing, but never this close. If you don’t count being inside a plane, that is. The feeling of something that big moving with such speed way above you is quite something.

I’m starting to understand those hardcore planespotters – at least to an extent. I wouldn’t go chasing a rare plane just to catch a photo of it…


We circled and circled, and surveyed the sky for something that flies. Besides some birds and some smaller aircrafts, we caught nothing.

In the horizon looms the skyline of Helsinki-Vantaa, the most active airport in Finland. We’re lucky enough to live within a short driving distance from it, so a day trip here doesn’t take too long.

We checked the arrivals, but just now there was an hour-long gap between the next arriving flight. So we explored and captured some frames – we had some great available light here.

Also Leila found a rock.

And some leaves.

We had almost given up. Waiting for an hour seemed like such a long time, especially as the winds were a bit chilly – not overly cold, but a bit chilly.

Just as we were about to leave, bunch of people arrived on the hill and we decided against going away. They probably knew something we didn’t.

Because we don’t know much.

Surely enough, a Finnair’s flight arrived – an Airbus A350 with a Marimekko livery. Followed shortly by an another flight from Japan.

It was time to go. As we had groceries to do, the next obvious step was to go to the best grocery store in the world.

Yeah, that’s an official title.

Home, finally. A couple of shiny (and a bit tired) portraits to take. I adore the light in our living room. It’s so soft, but at the same time it has this certain sharpness that plays the diffusion down a bit.

It’s just nice.

Also Leila is beautiful.


Shooting a Project L with Leila is always especially nice. I mean, of course, she’s my significant other, but every day I find enjoying her company more and more. She’s absolutely stunning and her personality is awesome.

I love Leila.

Especially in latex.

Please remember that Project L runs on your continued support from Patreon. By supporting the project through Patreon you can gain access to high-resolution images, exclusive photos and videos and an exclusive Discord server only for Patrons and the project’s models.

Besides, because YouTube demonetized my entire YouTube channel with over 15,000 followers, the future videos will – unfortunately – be available only to Patrons. Creating this project costs money – latex and photography & video gear are expensive. Way too expensive.

Latex used in the project

Metallic Green Princess Catsuit by Libidex

6 Responses

  1. That is definitely fresh fruit juices! Never seen that in the UK.

    Fantastic pictures, thank you for sharing.

    Have you appealed to YouTube? Have they given a reason for the demonetisation?

    • The official reason was “sexually gratifying content”. I can reapply for the status after one month, and plan doing so at the start of October.

  2. Nice setting! The green and yellow matches well with the autumn leaves.

  3. Eick Ziebell says:

    Hello from Germany. What great pictures the green is very beautiful and the model great

  4. I think green was perfect.

  5. Ben Williams says:

    Fantastic pictures as ever I love the outdoor shoots. Have you considered doing shoots showing Leila or others wearing multiple layers of latex or indeed two catsuits? it seems a shame not to make more use of the fantastic rubber one as its so comfortable. Perhaps with latex stockings on top?

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