A sunset in November

November, the greyest month of the year, has not been that grey lately. It has been gray, but not as grey as usually

Mother nature was kind to borrow clear skies for the afternoon. I’d like to say evening, but sun sets here just after 3 PM.

Jonna is back, once again!

What goes well with latex? Wool, of course! The juxtaposition between the “sharp”, shiny latex and soft and fuzzy wool creates something special – something that is more than the sum of its parts.

We’re not very creative with choosing shooting locations. It’s just easier to go outside and drive somewhere.

Jonna drove us to where everything had started five years ago, when she first modelled for the project; Vantaankoski.

This was now the third time we had visited the place – it’s just such an easily accessible place with a choice of milieus; a fast rapid, riverbanks, mossy hills and some woods.

The overflowing river was shining with the colours of a watery diarrhea, so it was cut out of the frame. Instead we focused on the mossy riverbanks.

The sun had set – but only for the common folks on the ground. In Jonna’s penthouse apartment the sun was still shining – at least for a while.

So I made Jonna sit on the cold balcony without her sweater. Poor thing.

Did you know that Jonna has set up an Instagram account – just for her latex endeavours? Follow @j_inlatex!

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Latex used in the project

Black Matrix Catsuit by Libidex

4 Responses

  1. Another great series from Finland! Thank you and enjoy the season.

  2. Just love the super rubber pictures

  3. gorgeous shoot , and yes following jonna on intsagram as well .

  4. Tuomas, once again a great project to capture trist November and make it awesome with your project . Keep on going and your projects are highlights. Hope you get a Christmas project going :-). Glad to support you.

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