Leila's Christmas

As is tradition, it is important to start a project with an astute observation concerning the weather.
Well, the winter weather in Finland is bloody awful. No snow, rarely even freezing temperatures. Just dark and grey, day after day. It didn’t use to be like this. There used to be snow! Sledding! Snowmen!
At least there’s Christmas, a chance to light some warmth in our hearts. Or something semantic like that.

There has been a great injustice in the recent projects – the lack of shiny latex gloves.

Wearing them while decoreating the Christmas tree is a necessary caution. Luckily.

By the way, never polish latex clothing on bare floors – always do it over a towel or something; otherwise the floor will get extremely slippery and it can cause major injury. If not to you, then possibly your guests or family, who are probably unaware of the slippery spots.

Too bad the Christmas tree is plastic. But it’s just so much easier to manage and keep clean with a small child and a dog roaming around.

And Leila, of course.

Oh, by the way, we got engaged with Leila few months ago. I love her so much.

Also, this is definitely not a safe way to wear a ring.

Even with the current restrictions, we were able to take a brief pause from sitting in our apartment. We headed off to grab some tea to a new local coffee house.

And a bagel. And a muffin.

The tea was extremely lovely. Haven’t drank proper green tea in months!

At least there were some wonderful Christmas lights in Järvenpää’s centre, despite the lack of snow.

As a Finn it’s quite difficult to adjust to a snowless Christmas. It sucks. We’ll probably have to move to lapland some day.

Järvenpää’s Christmas tree has always been pretty nice. Unfortunately the red ornaments had their lights shut off for some reason.

But imagine for a while, if you shall, that the ground would be white – these images would create such a wintery, fuzzy feeling. But, alas, now these photos show the reality of Finnish winter after the climate change.

Dark, grey and wet.

Luckily Leila is beautiful and lights my way in the darkness.

Home sweet home.

Merry Christmas and a happy new year – let’s hope that 2021 will offer better chances for all of us. After 2020 the bar is not set very high, so with cautious optimism things will finally be better.


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Latex used in the project

Black Matrix Catsuit by Libidex

9 Responses

  1. Woodstock says:

    Thank you for this project, this is just amazing. It seems that in every picture you show us what a beautiful and sweet person Leila is and how much you love her. The two of you must be a very happy couple.

    I think you really have achieved what you intended when you first started Project L – the latex isn’t all that important anymore. It’s nice and shiny, but as you say it’s just a fabric.

    Thank you, and have a merry christmas!

  2. Thank you for the fantastic Photos again.
    And best wishes to your Engagement
    Merry christmas

  3. first of, merry Christmas from the isle of man, and also congratulation on your engagement , and we can let you off with the ring wearing , as its Christmas. and we also have wet windy and yuk weather in winter as well .

  4. Thanks, Tuomas, for making the life brighter for all of us. And congratulations :-)

  5. Gabriel and Cynthia says:

    If someone was to send you a gift.
    Where would we send it?

    I am from Canada
    Happy new year
    The best for 2021

  6. Hi Tuomas,
    Lovely photos. Well in line with the whole idea of Project L.
    A happy newyear to you and Laila

  7. Always interested to see your photos and what you have to write about.

    The catsuits always look so good in public. Is the collar on that catsuit tight?

    Looking forward to what you produce artistically on 2021 and all the best to you three!

  8. But where were your latex gloves while you were out and about? When they are needed…

  9. Nice photos and really like the new bangs.

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