Tuusulanjärvi in Winter

We’re very lucky to live next to a beautiful cultural area, lake Tuusulanjärvi, which is surrounded by the homes of such artists and writers as Jean Sibelius, Pekka Halonen and so on and so on – and, of course, beautiful nature.

Even though it’s a bit sad that the lake itself has an ugly greenish-brown colour to it due to old agriculture letting all of its waste drain in. There have been some modern measures taken to bring the lake back to its original glory, but, frankly, it’s pretty nasty.

At least it’s winter and Tuusulanjärvi has frozen.

Choices, choices. The black catsuit (Libidex) has a tight neck, and it’s not very comfortable.

The greyish catsuit (Fantastic Rubber) is made to measure, but due to yours truly being bad with measure tape, some of its aspects do not fit as well as one would like to. Besides, the colour is not very nice.

The red one (Libidex) has attached feet, which makes walking around in winter uncomfortable.

Nonetheless, the greyish catsuit was today’s choice – it’s the most comfortable and it fit Leila’s boots nicely.

Yes, the glasses are prescription, and not just a style choice. We’re not soulless hipsters over here.

Do hipsters still exist? Are they still called hipsters?

It’s pretty cold out there, too. Minus five degrees Celsius with a breeze that blows all of the body’s warmth away. Especially with latex – it’s just a second skin, and it does not warm you. At all.

Poor Leila. She’s doing this for art, though, so let’s all be very, very thankful.

This yellow building is called Ahola, and it was the home of writer Juhani Aho and painter Venny Soldan-Brofeldt. Due to the damned global pandemic, it’s closed now.

At least it looks nice outside.

It was very breezy at this point. You can see Leila’s goosebumps from the cold right through latex!

We then drove over to Fjällbo park, which onlooks the lake Tuusulanjärvi from atop of a hill. There used to be a mansion of some sort on top of the hill, but it burnt away during the 1980s.

Cold. So cold.

I wish we had a fireplace at our place, upon which Leila could melt her frozen bones. Now we just have to go to sauna, like commoners.

Winter really isn’t the best time to shoot, but at least we had proper snowfall this year. Last year we had no snow at all.

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Latex used in the project

Metallic Platinum Women’s Standard Catsuit by Fantastic Rubber

7 Responses

  1. Nice series, wonderful light and a very brave Leila. Spring is coming :-)

  2. she looks beautiful, Neckentry Catsiuds are the best

  3. I was outside today. I do not recommend it.
    Especially while wearing anything less than two layers of warm clothing.
    Maybe you should start Project W for Warm clothing.

  4. Is the catsuit transparent?

  5. Leila looks incredibly sharp with the Glasses. Sharp as in smart, elegant and professional. I agree on the W for Warm. Even just latex gloves already kill my hands in Winter. I have no idea if you two like this sort of stuff and do not want to force fetishes upon anybody – not my style – but farmerrain from sweden have some fantastically styled rainwear in rubber-like plastic materials. Betwee a warm woolen pullover and some of their stuff, it is actually pretty darn comfy, comfy enough to warrant regular, non artistic or fetishistic wearing. All the while you can choose from super elegant and colourful to black latex like outfits.

  6. The glasses look great. And wearing a full suit has to be really cold. I know it is when I do. Congratulations on the engagement and enjoyed watching the girls”fly” airplanes.

  7. TyxeeTree says:

    The most beautifull set I ever saw (or remember) big up for the last pic, everything is perfect.

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