Eastern Pasila is a prime example of a brutalist architecture. The buildings – and pretty much everything surrounding the area – have been made of a brown-gray concrete. There are only few exceptions in the area, but we found one: a tiny park being shadowed by gray, tall blocks of flats.

We didn’t have much of the photoshoot planned out, as some of our first plans didn’t succeed. Improvisation, one of the most important skills of a photographer, got us some brand new ideas within the small time frame we had.

Today’s models were Tuula (who also took some photos) and Emmi, whom both performed especially well. After the photoshoot Emmi told us that she’s not used to being in front of the camera, but the end results prove otherwise. I prefer models with not that much of experience, as it allowes me to capture them in their natural state.

When it started drizzle a bit, we got into a cellar of one of the block of flats and started to create Tuula’s vision, which included a butcher knife and an axe. Naturally, another strobe of mine ran out of batteries and all of my spare batteries had been depleted, too. Yet again, we improvised with the other strobe and my cellphone’s built-in flashlight.

As usual, the behind the scenes photos and outtakes will be released few days after with a short video. And I’ll be shooting the next, tenth part of Project L tomorrow if everything goes as planned. If not, the shoot will be held on the next weekend.

Emmi’s military-style outfit and socks were made by Latex by Tiina Rikala.

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