Leila's new suit

It’s springtime, finally! In Finland we call the joyful, happy and wishful feeling of the days getting warmer and longer “having spring inside your chest”.

This silly saying could also be related to mating, but we’re not going there. For the sake of the project, let’s keep it at being happy for spring.

It’s also a good time because Leila got a new catsuit from Fantastic Rubber! It’s a made-to-measure neck-entryi suit, mostly measured by Leila herself (after I messed up most of the measurements).

The suit was funded, like most of the latex included in the project, by the continuous and generous support from Project L’s Patreon.

Now’s a good time, if ever, to remind you that Patreon has plenty of exclusive content, videos and all the current behind the scenes publications. And our private Discord server.

But let’s continue on with the 91st project and lay off the advertising… for a little while.


Leila has this extremely cute stroll when she’s wearing latex. It’s very silly, but it’s so lovely! I’m so very happy that we’re engaged now, she’s such a wonderful person with lovely quirks.

Finland is in kind-of lockdown, with restaurants, bars and indoor locations for sports and hobbies closed down – so this means, of course, that whenever there’s even a slight hint of sunshine, everybody goes outside.

Finland is a very sparsely-lived country, but as we live in Southern Finland, there are quite a few people packed in a kind of a small area.

Especially in places with even decent outdoor views.

Our first choice, a “waterfall” in Nurmijärvi (which was more like rapids), was absolutely packed with people. We don’t want to gather too much attention to ourselves, which a photoshoot does, so we skipped the place and found ourselves some lovely and traditional Finnish spring views with un-sown fields and sunshine.

This location was merely a bus stop, so we had to take a move on. The next location, Rusutjärvi Beach, was not as warm as this place, as the northern winds were very, very cold.

The sun hiding behind the layer of clouds was not helping.

At least there were plenty of cut firewood ready for a fire. Too bad that we didn’t have matches.

The sun showed its beautiful face (not as beautiful as Leila, of course) and gave Leila some much-needed warmth in the middle of another cold photoshoot.

So we fared off to the deep forest of the beach’s parking lot.

Look! Two Leilas behind the same tree. This very convincing illusion probably only works on desktop.

The following photo has nothing to do with any paper companies.

Just look at the last two photos and see how extremely well Leila’s catsuit fits her. It’s just so amazing! The suit was so much easier to get into than any other previous suit, and it was way more comfortable, too. It wasn’t too tight anywhere – it simply fit so well.

Just look at the photos!

Also, Leila is very beautiful and I love her very much.

Please remember that Project L runs on your continued support from Patreon. By supporting the project through Patreon you can gain access to high-resolution images, exclusive photos and videos and an exclusive Discord server only for Patrons and the project’s models.

Latex used in the project

Black Women’s Standard Catsuit by Fantastic Rubber

11 Responses

  1. Robofish says:

    The new suit looks great!

  2. Looking at these pictures one can’t deny that Leila is really enjoying wearing her new catsuit. WoW.

  3. Peetter says:

    Wow, that catsuit seems to fit her very well indeed.

  4. Looks great indeed, thanks for the photos. May I ask about the zipper: the suit is a neck entry, as you said. Does the crotch zipper serve some purpose, when putting the suit on? Does for example keeping it open make dressing up easier, or something? Or is the zipper just for some obvious other purposes?

    • When wearing a catsuit for longer periods, one will need to go to the toilet. This helps, so that you don’t have to undress and redress the suit constantly.

  5. Katzentatze says:

    Simply great pictures again and an amazing catsuit too. I like your project very long, the best latex project ever.

  6. Is there no video for this part?

  7. Her beauty makes the suit look good!
    Congratulations to both of you. Will you have a latex wedding?

  8. Oh my god! She’s so beautiful with this new black catsuit.

    I have a question about this photoshooting:

    It’s normal that Leila didn’t wear so much her leather jacket ?

  9. The hat really makes for a mysterious and I know what I want look. The two of you are so blessed to be together. Thanks for the photos.

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