The house of art

You know, block of flats are quite big.

Especially if you include every single apartment, and every single room inside of the house.

But what if you fill a whole block of flats with… art?

On the now ancient year of 2020, the City of Kerava allowed a collective called “Purkutaide”, roughly translated Demolition art, to fill up the whole block of flats with art. It was an absolutely huge success, despite the current epidemic, and people demanded more.

Purkutaide collective provided us with more. The artists were given a free reign to do whatever they pleased, and so it happened.

But I’ll let the photos speak for the art. And then maybe I’ll sprinkle some of my ramblings on the top of that.

Disclaimer: I’ll do my best to credit all the artists in the rooms we were in. If I miss anything, please let me know the details in the comments. All glory to the original artists.

The first floor above the ground floor was quite dark – as it was dedicated to illuminated installations.

Pardon the noise levels in some of the photos; I pushed my camera to its limits and did not want to spoil the artists’ original intentions with extra lights.

Art installation
First image below: Home Made Heaven, Jouni “Psyke” Väänänen & Emma Salokoski

The very first installation that greeted us was, to our great surprise, a latex sheet covering ground!

We did not expect this. We did not expect it at all.

At least Leila was not the only thing wearing latex. But who wore it better?

Art installation
Above and below: Farmers Fetish, Santtu Laine

Art installations above

Relationship Before Passage, Jani Toli

Two photos after: Jouni “Psyke” Väänänen, Näkymättömät “The Invisible Ones”

This room hit me in a good way. In a way it looked natural takeover by the nature, but then again it was juxtaposed with the paintings and themes around nature.

We added even more juxtaposition to the situation with Leila’s extremely shiny catsuit that really stands out in the location.

It just works.

Art installation
Jukka Metsäaho, Concrete Garden

Capturing ultraviolet light with a regular camera is difficult. An abundance of UV lights really messes up with any camera’s automatic exposure, thus a completely full manual exposure is almost always needed.

I often set my camera on all manual settings during a Project L, besides for the ISO, which the camera can set up for me. This is especially useful when your camera has very low noise levels and the lighting keeps changing… But here it was an absolute necessity to keep on manual mode.

Art installation
Never Ever Forest, Purkutaidepaja Taiku

Art installation

Above and below: Tiina Koski & Niko Moisas

Art installation
Party People, Plan B

Art installation

Above and below: J-P Hiltunen & Sellekhanks

There were plenty of stairs to climb up.

It is a block of flats after all.

There were plenty of doorways to stand in, too. They frame the photo nicely.

And the spraypainted art on the walls… Just incredible. How can one create such clear shapes with a pressurised can? Just how?

You need to see this in real life, if you can.

One of the rooms was basically a huge whiteboard full of visitors’ drawings, writings and a huge amount of stickers with this… very fast rabbit on them.

Leila added her part to the wall – it should still be there!

Leila takes a very close look at a piece of art.

Art installation

Above: Estranged X, Kasia Vuorinen

Below: Viivi “Viv Magia” Vierinen

It is my understanding that the “black and white room” has been extremely popular among the visitors.

I can see why. There’s just something so unique in being surrounded by just black and white. When is the last time you were surrounded by just two colours?

Leila’s butt was full of pieces of paint and disintegrating sofa after sitting where so many people had sat before.

Art installation
High Life, Sheikki

Art installation

Above and below: Riikka Aresalo

The current Finnish prime minister is a woman, which is – for some reason – very rare around the world.

Leila seems to be planning to take over her position.

Art installation
Pääministerin kanslia, Juho Jusslin

Art installations

Above: Hendenvaarallinen yksiö 2021 – Rad Park, Hende Nieminen & Kutsutut Vieraat

Below: Calligraphy by Joonas Koponen

Art installations

First above: Kasvisto II, Kasvisryhmä

Second above: No More Gucci Jeesus, Pablo Fantastico

There’s a huge bond between me and Leila, and that bond is called DotA 2. We’ve played for thousands of hours each – and as this art is based on the Venomancer character of the game, we just absolutely had to capture its beautiful essence.
Man, I want DotA art on my walls, too.

Art installations

First above: Venomancer, Sellekhanks

First below: Takakenost Etukoneen, Flaumone

If you’re anywhere near Southern Finland, you should absolutely visit this place, Taiteen kotitalo, by the Purkutaide collective. It is absolutely worth the visit and the 6 € entrance fee. It’s extremely popular, though, so be prepared to wait in a line.

Check the map above for the location!

We were lucky to gain access inside on a day when there were no visitors, just photographers – and without that, the project could have not been done. We don’t want to disturb other art viewers with our project and we don’t want to force latex upon unsuspecting families.

Please remember that Project L runs on your continued support from Patreon. By supporting the project through Patreon you can gain access to high-resolution images, exclusive photos and videos and an exclusive Discord server only for Patrons and the project’s models.

Latex used in the project

Black Women’s Standard Catsuit by Fantastic Rubber

5 Responses

  1. Robofish says:

    Great shots! This is one of the best projects in a while. And only partly because of the art. :)

    The gauntlets on the suit seem like a good design too.

  2. Great project, thank you. My favourite picture is the one of Leila stepping through the door, facing the camera. Absolutely stunning!

    Keep up that work,

  3. Beautiful model!! Great works!
    Like them!!

  4. This is good, this is very good. The colours, contrasts and the setting just make for something so original. Not to mention your dear Mrs and the catsuit worn to perfection and just as if it were a t-shirt and jeans with no intimation of fetish. Superb. Just outstanding. Do I need to go on…

    Two things intrigue me: Leila seems to be wearing latex in public more in P L’s and without a coat or cover. I hope she is enjoying that aspect. Is it really THAT sweaty to wear for hours and is that something she just puts up with?

  5. Kell Nielsen says:

    I can only agree. Superb series of photos. I have followed you since the beginning. And this is one of the best yet. looking forward ti more.

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