Häme Castle

There is a distinct lack of castles in Project L. It was about time to fix this.

As it is, Hämeenlinna (translated Häme’s Castle, obviously) is right in the middle of where the model, Didi Ou, and I live. Right in between Tampere and Järvenpää.

We agreed a shooting date over a month prior, as we, both parents nowadays, have these things called ‘real life’ and ‘parental obligations’ and a bit of ‘burnout’ and such.

The Häme Castle, or sometimes called Tavastia Castle, is a medieval castle located in Hämeenlinna.

The castle was built somewhere in the mid-13th century, fitting well to Project L’s recent milieus with strong cultural history and artistic environments.

Even though the afternoon sun might radiate a cozy, fuzzy feeling with its somewhat warm tones, I can assure you that it was absolutely bloody cold up there.

“It’s always windy in the castle”, Didi told me soon after we arrived.

I was happy I was not the one wearing latex, as I would have shivered enough to spoil the photos by shaking so much.

It was a bit too cold for outside, so we headed indoors.

At its current state, Häme Castle had a strong mask recommendation, so we were happy to oblige.

Didi’s mask was well-fitting to her style.

What would a castle be without a suit of armour?

This room was empty, but guessing by the light fixtures and by the rails on the roof, it is used for art shows or something.

It was empty now.

A free canvas, to use as art – by utilizing the narrow castle windows that laid smooth light shining through them. This creates a great contrast between the model and the background.

The orange glow from the indoor lighting contrasts the suit and Didi’s hair beautifully.

We dared to head outside again, as – after all – we were not forzen solid bunches of flesh any more.

Surprisingly, it wasn’t that cold any more. The wind had halved, and thus we were no meat popsicles any more. Just refridgerated chicken legs.

I should probably not write when I’m hungry.

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Latex used in the project

Dress by Jasmine Davids Latex

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