Cosmic Bowling

Cosmic bowling? Glow bowling? Glass blowing?
Rakkaalla lapsella on monta nimeä, as we would say in Finnish, which would roughly translate to “a beloved child has multiple names” – or, as Shakespeare would put it, “a rose by any other name would smell as sweet”.
Where I’m trying to get is that I have no bloody idea how the ideal translation of bowling under UV lights would be.
Nonetheless, we went bowling. Leila was wearing latex, of course.

I’ve been photographing glow bowling before, during company parties and such.

It’s always been a pain in the butt, as infrared lighting really messes up with camera’s automatic exposure and white balance.

Everything has to be set manually and even if you do your best with the best equipment available, the ambient light is usually awful and creates strange shadows in people’s faces.

Besides, it’s dark as heck. The photos get very noisy.

But I chose the place – so I can’t really complain.

As usual, I didn’t really do much location scouting before. I’ve been in this specific bowling alley once before, but at the very opposite side of the hall – so I had no idea whether there was actually a wall or a service walkway next to us when I booked the lane.

Unfortunately it was a wall, and I was not able to shoot from the frontside of Leila in action. Boo!

But when a challence arises, we make do with what we have. Taking casual and candid photos from real life, you really can’t stop everything and take the exact perfect frame that the eye of your mind sees.

This was, after all, casual latex in everyday life in its truest form. No faking here.

The blue balls’ shine fits Leila’s outfit pretty well, and the orange bowling balls fit Leila’s hair perfectly. Overall, the colours were in great harmony.

Leila’s throw was not as good as she had hoped.

Yet, Leila was leading – by a huge margin. My throws were awful, and Leila’s throws were pretty much spot on.

Still, with caution, Leila was keeping her eyes on the scoreboard. Watching her lead grow and grow.

If I wasn’t driving, a beer or two could have helped my performance.

Besides lighting, the angles of the photoshoot were extremely difficult to pull off. We weren’t here to get Leila to pose, we were here to throw strikes – or so it felt.

Because it’s so difficult to take breaks when it’s your turn. The scoreboard says it’s your turn so you must throw.

Instantly. Every time.


Strike! One of many.

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Latex used in the project

Metallic Blue Lily Halter Suit by Libidex

6 Responses

  1. Did you wear latex too, Tuomas?

  2. Wow. Again. Your pictures are brilliant but the credit goes to Leila for looking so amazing. Gotta be a bit warm spending a night bowling in a rubber suit! And it’s no wonder she was leading – she’s gotta be a big distraction looking that good! How did other people react? Brilliant stuff, as usual, Tuomas!

    • We got a few looks, but not that many. Mostly people were curious of the process of photography and the presence of a “big” professional camera.

  3. I think these came out quite well actually!

  4. These are really stunning photos, congratulations and thank you for posting them. Appreciate the work that went into meeting the lighting challenge. Leila is, of course, beautiful and so natural in that setting.

  5. Very beautiful photos – thank you so much for sharing! Even if the location was a challenge for the you, the photos look great. And, if it gives you any consolation, I suck at bowling – so I probably would have lost, too.

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