Grey Christmas

It’s the season, I’m told – and I have assumed that it’s the holiday season with plenty of Christmas spirit in the air.

With the weather having very little snow here in Southern Finland, the spirit is lacking with the sad, grey Christmas weather.

I’m also told that we are to expect a white Christmas, but that remains to be seen. I have my suspicions.

The 99th part starts as usual – with the model, Jonna, preparing for the shoot. In her balcony, this time, as the hairspray is rather cough-inducing while used indoors.

We tried to have some holiday spirit of our own with a metallic green catsuit that shares a common colour with a Christmas tree. Red was an option, too, but this specific shade of metallic green was way too enticing.

It was a good choice.

We tried our best in finding the holiday spirit, and Jonna even put on a Santa hat – but, alas, we came into the mutual conclusion of “no, that’s too much”.

In our heads, a shiny, metallic green latex catsuit is much more sensible than a santa hat in December.

It’s the truth.

Jonna puts on some latex gloves in the wonderful temperature of zero degrees Celsius and occasional rainfall. The ground was covered in half-frozen ponds that were slippery as heck.

Why choose this barren wasteland that is to become a place for suburbian housing in the next year or so?

Because I really wanted to show how ugly the Southern Finnish weather can be – I wanted to document the true greyness of what we meet every winter instead of snow.

And, above all, I wanted to show the wonderful contrast of a modern, shiny catsuit to the harsh environment. A curious juxtaposition between two opposing materials and feelings.

We also stumbled upon this extremely strange-looking upside down tree. Is it a hidden art installation, or just a prank pulled by the excavation operator who built the groundwork for the upcoming suburb?

Perhaps both?

The walkways were extremely slippery and dangerous. In Finnish we call this “pääkallokeli”, roughly translated to “skull weather” – meaning that you are more likely to strike your skull to the ground.

After getting enough of the slippery suburbian groundwork, we wanted to find something greener – something that reminds us about the great outdoor locations of Southern Finland.

So we went to a nearby park.

The park’s parking lot was full of junk and abandoned appliances, as well as broken down cars.

There was a cute bridge, which really needed some powerwashing due to green moss.

At least it matched Jonna’s catsuit.

We were happy to find some more green to our lives in the form of a “lush”, green field. Too bad that the field was wet and muddy.

At least the suit was still shiny.

Let’s hope for a white Christmas. Happy holidays!
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Latex used in the project

Metallic Green Princess Catsuit by Libidex.

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  1. Green was a good choice indeed! Impressive how the suit stayed clean…

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