Evening in the Backyard

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Sometimes you just don’t have time—and let’s face it, if you’re both parents to the same 4-year-old kiddo, time is your most valuable resource, especially time together without the little booger-nose.

We had an hour or two to spend after putting our kid to bed, so that time was well spent by going on a (very) short walk around our property.

In latex, of course.

Horses don’t care if you’re wearing latex. They just want to be fed, and fed they shall be, even though the latex might (absolutely will) get dirty and all full of hay.

If you peek into the photo above, you might see a few specs here and there. Those specs were some tiny mosquito-kinda-things that were feeding on the horses, but decided that Leila’s black, warm latex was even more attractive to follow.

I mean, I can see the reasoning, but at least 1,000 of those little buzzing bastards decided to follow us and ruin whatever we had planned for the evening.

At this point we decided that we had had it with these mother-flippin’ mosquitos in this mother-flippin’ photo shoot, and decided to start walking back.

The bloody things just wouldn’t let go! They liked Leila’s dress too much.

Now, this all wouldn’t have been a problem if we had catsuits on, as mosquitos can’t sting you through the suit.

Here’s a tip, if you go to a cottage or anywhere with mosquitos: wear a latex catsuit! That oughta do it.

The rest of the evening was spent birdwatching.

Does it count birdwatching, if you’re watching your pet chickens?

I hope it does, that would be so much easier.

To get as far away from the mosquitos as possible, the rest of the evening was spent indoors playing some DotA 2 and singing some karaoke. We’re pretty decent at karaoke!

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Latex used in the project

Black Gloves by UNQDSN
Black Top by Honour Clothing
Black Skirt by Peter Domenie

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  1. Amyphist says:

    Love the dress here!

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