Well, maybe not so recent – the first two were taken few months ago, at the eve of the Finnish Vappu, May Day.

Ps: I’m sorry for the huge-ass watermark, moving the preset from Lightroom didn’t work out that well. I’ll be looking more into it when I have more time.

This lovely couple was walking their helium-filled pet penguin in the middle of Helsinki. “May I take your photo”, I enquired whilst kneeling with my 11-24mm and took the photo. They were wonderful.

Balloons. People selling balloons everywhere.

Some more recent – actually 10th of July. Men cooling off next to Kallio’s public Sauna.

A dog watches as people of Kallio walk by, while occasionally lifting its head when an another four-legged creature walks by. The owner of the dog was more than happy to have her dog’s photo taken – as long as she didn’t show in the picture!

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