Another year has started, but there are still a few photos from December I haven’t published. So here we go, the first photour of the year shows the last photos of the year.

How poetic.

_V7Q7839An ice cream mascot waves during the cold, Finnish December from the wall of a closed café.

Bands’ training house illuminated by the last lights of the day in Järvenpää, Finland.

_V7Q7962A common blackbird eating rowanberries in heavy snowfall in Tuusula, Finland.

City of Järvenpää held fireworks in the honour of the 150th year after Jean Sibelius’ birth on the new year’s eve.

_V7Q8487Children sharing sparklers’ fire whilst igniting new ones as their parents supervise.

_V7Q8493Man giving a boost to a child at Järvenpää’s Rantapuisto.

_V7Q8502A family crosses the road after the new year eve’s firework show ended and the masses walked away.

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