Spring has struck me with the urge to go outside. And when I leave my apartment, I always take my trustworthy 5D Mark III with me. Although I’ve lately been drooling after Leica M, I can’t help but to love the reliable and well-performing 5D3.

Nevertheless, I’ve taken plenty of pictures, but quite a few of them weren’t that great or inspiring. My plan at first was to capture the Finnish celebration of May day this year, but the May day’s eve was quite boring and thus that day’s material was quite boring at Helsinki. On the official May day I stayed in Järvenpää, but there wasn’t much happening in here either. I should’ve chosen to go to Ullanlinnanmäki, where – it seems – everybody was during that day.

I’ve also emptied my guest room to be made into a small studio for future’s needs, especially for videos and parts of Project L. Luckily I’ve got plenty of gear already, so the investments needed aren’t especially mindblowing.

On a side note, the next, ninth Project L will be shot on next thursday, most preferably with Laura in Helsinki.

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