London, London, London. Somehow I just end up traveling there every so often.

Traveling is something I do way too infrequently. Whenever there’d be a chance to travel, I usually invest the funds in photography gear or similar subjects. Albeit I usually tend to think that the journey is more important than the destination, traveling by plane does not count – it’s just tedious and boring with its unnecessary bureaucracy and needlessly long waiting times at airports. Nevertheless, it’s wonderful to have a chance to charge your inspiration, to drain new ideas from new areas.

London – especially its centre – is always on the move and something is happening, and that, as a photographer, really intrigues me. If you can’t sleep at night, you can just take a walk outside and you’re guaranteed to find subjects and situations to capture. Surely this can be said for every major city, but there’s just something in London that attracts me to return. Perhaps it’s the relatively short flight from Finland, perhaps that I can understand the locals’ language.

The trip’s purpose was mainly leisure, but being me, enjoying it would’ve been completely in vain had I not dragged my camera with me – everywhere. It’s surprising how easily you can hide your bulky 1D X and remain unnoticed while doing street photography. I’ve been really getting into Lowepro’s ProTactic 450 AW (seriously, how unnecessary that name is for a backpack…) and thus I dragged it with me. Review coming soonish. Perhaps. Maybe.

I do recognize that the places and situations were mostly not unique – besides the Je suis Charlie protest – and could’ve, and probably already have, been shot with a slightly different angle, but that’s part of the challenge; finding unique moments in what is seemingly everyday for locals and focusing in those brief moments.

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Advertisement for prints to support Project L and Photour

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