Didi's Rainbow Hair


No, it’s not a wig.

Yes, I am sure of it.

Yes, it was dyed by a professional.

It took hours to dye.

Yes, it is to dye for.

Now that we’re done with you asking those very silly questions that I just made up, let’s get on with it.

Remember last time, in the 102nd Project L, when I told you it was a windy day to shoot latex? Well, it was windy again.

At least this time it was warm.

You might remember Didi Ou from some of our previous projects, and if you do not, I would urge you to check those out. Didi’s been with the project for a while now.

This is not the first time we’re featuring Didi’s metallic blue catsuit—the first time was in the 100th part and its stream.

But we wanted to shine the spotlight only on the blue suit and its rainbow-coloured wearer.

And now you have arrived to the 103rd Project L.


We took Didi out for a spin a surprisingly empty schoolyard (it was a Sunday), with its outdoor toys meant obviously for grown-up adults such as we are.

There was a wooden house with an accessibility ramp. For Didi, it was akin to a plaything on a schoolyard.

I mean, it was a schoolyard. On a Sunday, might I emphasise.

This swingset was a surprisingly good location to shoot, even with the sun shining from behind of Didi’s direction—there was a large, beige stone building right in front of Didi to reflect the sun’s harsh midday rays off of it, right onto the catsuit.

This created a lovely, shinier-than-thou effect that really brings out the depths of the metallic blue in the latex.

I would also like to remind that I try to keep my photos as natural-looking as humanly possible; I don’t airbrush the models, I don’t go changing hues nor do I tend to add any colour grading in the process.

What I do edit are some of the values provided within the RAW files from the camera; exposure, highlights, whites, blacks and corrective actions to colour temperature.

I might do some selective dodging and burning, but very modestly—to bring some shadows in a face or something.

All and all, I try to work out with what I’ve got to show the natural beauty of people, and so far, it’s worked out decently.

After exhausting all the interesting shooting angles from the schoolyard (on a Sunday, with no-one else than us present, let me emphasise that once more), we hopped on into a black Volvo—right in the middle of the story arc instead at the start of one, see, I’m finally breaking up the classical ways of storytelling—and drove until we found an interesting field.

With a bus stop, to park the car safely. Of course.

Didi polished her suit a bit more with some divine grace, as seen in the first photo below, and was very careful to not stomp the poor farmer’s fields, but stayed on the very edge of the sowing.

Then Didi sat on an unkept piece of hay next to the field, facing the way-too-real threat of ticks getting into her rainbow-coloured hair.

Did you know, that a latex catsuit prevents ticks—as well as mosquitoes—from biting down into your skin?

Well, now you do, and what a better excuse to tell your significant other that your latex catsuit is actually an anti-bug device designed to protect you from Lyme disease or even malaria, as the aforementioned bugs carry such nasty diseases.

Be sure not to mention that the last indigenous case of malaria in Finland was reported in 1954.

But speaking from experience—a latex catsuit really does help against mosquitoes.

You can see how much the lighting and the whole ambience changes whenever a cloud blocks the sun, even for a few seconds. Things get a bit misty, bit dreamlike.

And windy.

Suddenly, Didi took out a hat. It was brimmed hat.

Look! A glimpse of the black Volvo again, this time at the very end of the story!
Didi was very happy with the Mountain Dew she was bought from a candy store. For the convenience of other customers in an extremely tightly-packed store (on a Sunday, might I keep emphasising), we opted not to photograph in the premises.
The day was done. We were done. I still had a long drive home, for we had wandered and lost even further from where we started.
But the light was great, the hair was great, and the suit was great.
Now, this—if any—is a great time to remind you that Project L runs on your continued support. By supporting us on Patreon, you’ll get access to a huge array of behind the scenes photos, videos, 4K photos or even high quality posters, and a chance to be part of the development of new projects, ideation and joining our Patreon-exclusive Discord.
Yeah, I know. Times are tough. Every cent counts.
That’s why the main projects are free for you to enjoy.
I hope you do.

Latex used in the project

Metallic Blue Catsuit by Latex by Tiina Rikala

4 Responses

  1. Those are some great photos and Didi’s new catsuit is fantastic and fits her perfectly. In the streaming 100 when I first saw her in it I was mesmerized. The rainbow hair just adds to her character making for some beautiful photos. Add to that she can cook and is fantastic.

  2. Great photos yet again. You get better with every shoot.

    Question is… did you wear latex too Tuuomas?

  3. Ernie Bryant says:

    First class photo shoot, Didi looks & acts so natural it adds to the beauty of the pictures ? Little commentary goes well with the shoot as well?

  4. Beldin says:

    Perfect :-)
    Didi Ou is beautiful. She really knows why choose blue suit.
    Also Didi do wonderful job combining latex with other clothes to make it look amazing and casual at the same time.

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