Hotel Getaway

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Sometimes you just have get away from everything. You don’t have to go far, but as long as you get a change of environment, it’ll help your mental health greatly.

Recent times have been a twister in our lives. I’ve been laid off from my day job and the preceding six-month process of actually deciding who gets canned has been very exhausting.

So if you need a professional video/photo guy with 10 years of experience in corporations, hit me up!

Unfortunately Project L is not enough to pay the daily bills, but if it were, I’d be ecstatic—it’ll help quite a lot, though, but not enough.

And if that’s not enough, there’s also the worry of our child’s health. Thank god for the free Finnish healthcare!

With all these worries in our mind, we needed little something with Leila, my fiancé, to get our minds out of the worries.

So we took a little staycation in Helsinki, in the same hotel we had our latex Halloween party in 2022. Of course, we included plenty of latex-wearing action here as well.

The preparations in front of the mirror are quite a cliché as Project Ls go, but there’s just something so casual but so kind-of intimate in the process of getting ready.

It really makes up the project.

Get it? Because make up? And making up the project?

Get it?

I’m so funny.

The lovely hotel suite was in the corner of the building, so we had a good visibility to all corners of the absolute centre of Helsinki. We spent a considerable time just watching people pass by.

This peeping-Tomness was unfortunately disturbed by the menacing low rumble coming from our stomach.

It was the call of food, or, as some people call it, hunger, that forced us to leave our nest and seek for a restaurant.

On paper, or, you know, the menu, the selection of foods seemed great. A wonderful choice of Tapas, plenty of different tastes to fill our now-even-hungrier taste buds.

But, alas, the food was not great. In fact, it was very mediocre, which is seldomly the case when you are actually hungry. Usually even mediocrity tastes good, but at this time it tasted of disappointment.

At least the drinks were good.

We’ve been to restaurants in latex before, but not during weekend evening’s rush. Yet, I felt that we did not gather any look at all. Leila’s dress looks just like another dress would—albeit a bit shinier—and there were plenty of other shiny stuff worn by other patrons, although unfortunately not latex, but rather wetlook fabrics.


After the restaurant visit, our bellies were decently filled (but not fully), so we took the chance to grab a few photos while we still had any daylight left.

As the daylight dwindled more and more, it was time to change into a less comfortable outfit—the always-loved black latex catsuit.

For both of us, of course.

It had started to rain. The city lights reflected from the water droplets on the windows. It’d soon be night, and we still had not decided where we would head for.

Would it be a club with plenty of dancing, or would it be a karaoke bar?

What would we wear with our latex, or would we wear anything else?

Would we be accepted or would we just be stared and ogled at?

As alcohol had falsely lifted our confidence in our singing skills, we chose karaoke.

Leila added a skirt and some harnesses to her outfit, while I chose to wear simple jeans over my catsuit, leaving the top part visible.

And off to the night we headed.

Without my camera. It’s kind of a big thing to carry around while trying to enjoy a night out.

I did, however, carry my mobile phone.

And off to sing some karaoke we went! Surprisingly, we felt very comfortable on our night out. People were extremely friendly to both of us, and we got plenty of compliments about our outfits.

Even more surprising was that our karaoke skills were commended by people—and this wasn’t the first time it had happened! It was actually the third (and fourth) time we had been praised by our interpretation of Ievan Polkka.

We’re this close 🤏 to setting up a latex-wearing duet where we sing only old Finnish songs and Hozier’s Take Me to Church. Perhaps we could make living with that?

If you want to see some mobile phone photos from our latex karaoke excursion, you can sign up on our Patreon. There’s still a dozen or so photos that I’ve yet to release! There’s also a video of Leila putting on the dress over her catsuit.

And, you know, almost 1000 exclusive posts with photos, videos and whatnot—and, of course, access to our behind the scenes galleries.

I’m unemployed, you know! I need money to live! (and to latex)

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Latex used in the project

Purple Latex Dress by Peter Domenie
Black Women’s Standard Catsuit by Fantastic Rubber

3 Responses

  1. Chris says:

    Leila and Tuomas,
    again a very nice series, thank you very much.
    Don’t worry too much about your employment situation, it will turn out positive eventually. Been there twice.

  2. Paul Carter says:

    Awesome shoot!

  3. Pablo says:

    This is a great set – it is so nice to see some photos of latex in a more public setting. I like the fact that the photos are not posed in so much as many are today. And, a dress makes a change to see. You are very lucky Thomas and Leila in many ways.

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