These are the behind the scenes and outtake photos of Project L: Part 15 – Pasila campus.

Using the campus as a shooting location was new to me. The only place we had actually booked was the campus’ studio and even that showed to be lacking. No grids, snoots, no beauty dishes; only softboxes and umbrellas.

This was an amateur mistake. I didn’t check the place out propely, I merely assumed. I should’ve brought my own elinchroms.

But seeing I was left with what I could use, I remembered the teachings of MacGyver and put up two reflectors designed for umbrellas face to face, thus creating a thinner beam of light that I used for a hair light. It wasn’t perfect, but it worked somewhat.

Noticing that the studio didn’t work out as I had hoped, we proceeded to seek more opportunities, as I told in the 15th part’s official version.

What I didn’t mention on the official version, though, was Jasmin’s wonderful attitude. She didn’t complain a bit and seemed to have a wonderful time modeling, even though she’s not really accustomed to it.

No video this time, though. Sorry!

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