These are the behind the scenes and outtake photos of Project L: Part 18 – Abandoned pulp factory.

As we were quite cold on this photoshoot, I’ve been planning that the upcoming Project Ls will be shot mostly indoors or at least nearby from a running, warm car where we can just drive to the shooting location, set up the lighting quickly, snap few frames and get back before our buttocks fall from being frozen solid.

The requirement for an indoor shooting location to be even somewhat warm removes quite a lot of opportunities but leaves open such public areas like shops, libraries and restaurants. The first two on the list have usually bland and uninspiring fluorescent lighting, and as situations such as those don’t really benefit from using flash photography, the end result will most likely be quite nondescript.

Never say never, as the proverb goes, and I’m not declining the idea straight away – I’ll just need to improve it somehow. It needs to be interesting. Interesting for me to shoot and interesting for you to view. Interesting!

Restaurants, pubs and bars are a whole different story. Their lighting varies from place to place and it can be extremely interesting – or extremely difficult to shoot at. As I’ve worked in quite a few restaurants, obtaining a permit to shoot at fine places wouldn’t be that much of a trouble. Or vice versa.

The few following nights will be most likely spent on planning/searching for places and ideas for them. I always have trouble sleeping when I’m in need of ideas.

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