These are the behind the scenes and outtake photos of Project L: Part 21 – Winter cottage.

Designing this photoshoot took quite much of my mental resources. I wanted to do something more meaningful this time, to create a bigger gap between the actual photos and behind the scenes.

I planned the photoshoot to include a more narrative viewpoint, voiding the chronological behind the scenes-esque photos between the planned activities, as seen in the previous Project Ls. I felt that they broke the otherwise fluent presentation. I believe that the new method worked out quite well, and I’m pleased with the results. No doubt I’ll be using the same formula in future photoshoots.

behind the project

I had taken with me my trusty 5D Mark III, two 600EX-RTs, 16-35mm f/2.8L II and 50mm f/1.2L, which is practically everything I need.

Besides those I had an umbrella stand to be used as a light diffuser. For long I’ve shunned using umbrellas with shiny surfaces, such as latex, as often their spokes are reflected from the shiny surface. But when shooting, whilst not polishing the suit after every shot, the spokes are not visible – especially when using the umbrella as a mere fill light.

I usually prefer to use ambient lighting, as it’s more of a challenge and more honest, but if I would stop advancing my techniques, I’d get absolutely bored of photography. There are countless ways to do things, and one should attempt to improve their techniques all the time. Even if the attempts would be awful. Sure it’s okay to stick in the comfort zone for a while – especially if people like it – but it does get repetitive one day.

Process of
the project

The actual process of taking the photos was really awesome. As we had plenty of time, absolutely no rush to anywhere and a warm cottage at our disposal nearby of the shooting locations. Between taking photos we usually just lounged in the cottage, chatting away whilst drinking and eating. It’s true, common hobbies, such as photography (and latex), bring people together.

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