We Finns are a curious bunch. Even when we live in a country, where the average population density is 16 people per a square kilometre, we still want to be more secluded.

In summer we go to our summer cottages, but what about winter?

Winter cottages, of course.

Naturally not all of us have the privilege of owning a cottage, not to mention owning one that is habitable during the cold Finnish winter, but I’m lucky in that field. As abnormal as it is, Southern Finland is lacking proper snowfall this winter. Therefore we headed a bit more to north, to a small village called Kuhmoinen, for couple of days to spend our winter holiday.

My goal was to create a narrative and a chronological story of simple cottage-ish activities, mostly based on my personal experiences as a Finnish cottage-goer.

The temperatures were quite forgiving, being just below zero Celsius, but as it has been noted before, a tight-fitting latex outfit is not the best insulation, especially against chilling breezes.

Please note, that this time – and from now on – I’ll be focusing more on quality than quantity in the “main” Project L posts. Not to worry though, this only means that the behind the scenes posts will have more photos and more about the technical and practical views of the photoshoot in them.


Check the behind the scenes photos and a video here: https://photour.net/project-l-part-21-behind-the-scenes/

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