These are the behind the scenes and outtake photos of Project L’s 22nd part. If you haven’t seen them, I suggest checking them first.

Miia is a wonderful person to shoot with, as she’s always positive and doesn’t mind the camera’s presence. Thus the photos usually end up great, as they present the feelings and atmosphere naturally.

As the project goes, I choose my models by their personality (and suit size, as my wardrobe is unfortunately rather limited). If a model has a hollow personality, the images will most surely be as hollow. I don’t trust in airbrushing nor heavy makeup either, but I want to document the experience of wearing latex and how ordinarily casual it can be.

This part of Project L was rather different. Not only did we leave the Finnish ground for the first time, but I also let myself into the experience of wearing latex with the model to better convey the feeling. Now I’m not an exhibitionist or anything like that, nor is my physique very fit, so I chose to wear jeans and a t-shirt over my suit.

We gathered some curious looks, but nothing exceptional. The looks were more likely baffled curiosity as in “ooh, so shiny” rather than unpleasant assessment of the situation. And given that it’s a drunken cruise boat where men were wearing skirts and Sailor Moon outfits, I think our suits would’ve been just alright even without the outer layer of clothing – but that wouldn’t have been suitable for the project’s native idea of using it as regular clothing.

About the process
of photography

The ship’s lighting wasn’t really that great, thus I had to resort into using a rather high ISO throughout the photoshoot. Using a flash was certainly not a possibility, as it would’ve interfered with the continuous flow and distorted the documentary presentation.

At least the lighting was congruent and full-fledged, thus the colour temperatures didn’t fight much. And when they did, I sought to use it as an enhancing effect.

I had been borrowing my friend’s 24-70mm f/2.8L II so much that I actually ended up buying one for myself, as I fell in love with it – I barely even used any other lenses. I didn’t test it with charts or anything, but my empirical use left me with the impression, that the newer lens was a bit sharper than its borrowed predecessor.

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