These are the behind the scenes and outtake photos of Project L: Part 24 – Hike in Helsinki II.

About the process
of photography

The photoshoot’s weather was indeed on our side; mostly sunny, but also partly cloudy. Sometimes a thin, fog-like cloud would float before the sun, diffusing the harsh lighting. Even though I can’t keep on cloudgazing continuously, we tried to use those brief moments as well as possible.

The images and their colours are only slightly edited, as I’ve been lately experimenting with a polarizing filter. A polarizing filter brings out the deep blue colour of the sky and provides overall more intense colours of the surroundings – especially from grass and water – and gives more contrast.

As usual, I used mostly ambient lighting. Only when the sun was setting, during the urban part of the photoshoot, I took out my trusty 600EX-RTs diffused with an umbrella. This allowed me to mix the orange sun between the cold lighting of the flash, giving a unique look to the images whilst illuminating the shadows. I especially liked this effect on this image.

Latex dresses, bodysuit and tights provided by Libidex.

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