These are the behind the scenes and outtake photos of Project L’s 36th part – A weekend of rain and sun.


About the process
of photography

Shooting in the rain can be very, very beautiful. But then again the Finnish rain is usually just so dull, grey and depressing that it sucks the inspiration away. Plus it’s often very annoying.

When it comes to capturing the rain in a meaningful way, a simple drizzle is not often enough; to show the rain as it is shown in movies, you’d either need really heavy rain or – just like they do it in the movies – artificial rain.

To show the rain in images you should have an aperture speed fast enough to stop the rain, but slow enough to let the rain form droplets; when you freeze the rain completely still, all you’ll see are just spheres of water without any indication of whether they’re floating, rising up or falling down. When you instead include some movement blur with a bit longer exposure, the viewer can see the direction of the rain – plus it fills the screen better. But then again, if your exposure is too long, you can’t see the rain at all. You’ll have to find the perfect exposure fitting the current rain.

I made no efforts in capturing the drizzle, as there simply wasn’t enough of it to show in a meaningful way – at least not in the 960 pixel wide format that Photour uses.

The first shooting day’s rainfall had left plenty of water on the ground, thus we were dodging muddy areas and puddles to avoid completely ruining Didi’s shoes.

The hard, strong midday sun gave a real challenge of finding the proper exposure – of course I had forgotten my strobe’s radio at home so we couldn’t really soften the lighting when shooting. And seeing how I’m still addicted to using the Canon’s 11-24mm über-ultra-wide lens, I didn’t even consider it as a possibility to hold a reflector whilst shooting; the reflector would’ve been clearly visible in the images.


We didn’t include a vlog this time, as we just simply didn’t have any energy left for it. Off to YouTube’s free music library I headed and filled the video with some music instead of the ramblings of our day. But hey, at least there’s a video!

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Latex used in the project:
Black skirt by Latex by Tiina Rikala
Black Princess catsuit by Libidex
Metallic blue leotard by Libidex, Customized by Tiina Rikala




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