These are the behind the scenes and outtake photos of Project L: Part 39 – Helsinki seaside.

About the process
of photography

Shooting when the sun is at its highest isn’t really the time you’d want to photograph people; the hard contrasts from the direct sunlight give a harsh challenge when trying to separate the varying exposures in one face; especially when the model is wearing a brim around her hat.

Sure, we could have assistants holding reflectors to open up the shadows, but I feel that it disturbs the tight and open workflow that I’m used to. Photographing models who haven’t had that much experience in professional photoshoots – especially when wearing something different and perhaps even revealing, like latex – is more difficult than you’d really think.

The biggest challenge is to get the model to feel at ease, to relax in your company and to forget the world around her. And this is achieved best when not using assistants, to keep the situation intimate. It’s much better for the end results to open up the shadows in post-process by using the best of 1D X’s excellent dynamic range than to make the model feel uneasy. A mediocrely-lighted image with the model having real and feelings is much better than excellently lighted image with mediocre feelings.

All and all, I was really happy to see how much more Jonna’s expressions, stances and overall appearance had more “oompf”, more feelings in the resulting photos. Perhaps it was due to my better understanding of Jonna, perhaps it was due to her learning from the previous project – but it was probably both.

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