It’s not long until Finland will be consumed by eternal darkness. Well, at least the Finnish winter seems eternal; only a couple of hours of sunlight during the day – if the heavy clouds will allow it to peek through. This will bring more challenges to the project, as it’s of course darker, but also colder and so the models will freeze their buttocks off. Poor things. Indoor shooting locations are really needed.

But it being still autumn, it was sunny and it was bright, so we decided to enjoy a little of what’s left of that, so we headed off to Espoonlahti, Bay of Espoo.

The bay reflected the sun’s light as well, thus the sunlight was extraordinary bright and orange, thus making the scene appear more… autumny.

Even though we left the dog at home, the damned thing is shedding its fur for the winter, thus we’re constantly covered in dog hair. And as I’ve written before about cats’ hairs, the same goes for dogs’ hairs; they stick to latex really, really bad. And once you’ve gotten rid of them after a hour of picking hairs one by one, they somehow reappear.

We also went to check out a local amusement park’s light carnival like we did last year with Miia, but it was way too crowded and somehow lacked the inspiration, so we just enjoyed the atmosphere while sipping some coffee – and leaving soon after.

As usual, the behind the scenes and outtake photos will be released few days after. Probably with some video, too.

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