These are the behind the scenes and outtake photos of Project L – Part 47: Last days of winter.

It’s always quite difficult to choose whether a photo should be in the main project or in the behind the scenes and outtakes. I don’t know what it is, but it somehow feels that if it was taken, it should be published.

I know that it’s silly, and to choose less photos for the main project would probably rise the quality of Project L. This really needs to be enforced more – and I’m hoping I could make the end results better with a proper narrative.

About the process
of photography

An overcast weather with impeding rain/snowfall isn’t really the one to go to when you want to showcase anything besides a depressing weather.

This was – surprisingly – the first project that utilized a lens besides my new favourite, 35mm f/1.4L II! But soon after I turned back into 35mm’s world. I’m an addict.


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Latex used in the project:
Plum Princess Catsuit by Libidex


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