These are the behind the scenes and outtakes of Project L: Part 51 – Rokua National Park.

How to capture the whole experience of going to a cottage to relax and just be with yourself? How to do so in a natural way so that the photos don’t look staged and unnatural – even more so, when latex itself is an “unnatural” choice for cottage wear.

We only planned few activities we had wanted to do beforehand, with or without the peculiar fabric; a small hike in the nature, chopping wood and fishing. Most of our time, though, was spent by sitting indoors doing small, meaningless tasks, as in eating, playing cards, drinking wine and discussing life’s wonders and mysteries.

Surely we would’ve done this outdoors had the weather been any warmer. A cold breeze had swept over Oulu and the surrounding areas lately, and sitting still outside, surrounded by mosquitos and cold weather was not really enticing.

About the process
of photography

There comes again the problem of “how to make mundane tasks look interesting”? My approach on this is easily achieved with a high-aperture lens, as I aim to focus on three points:

    • 1. Being at ease. The model shouldn’t fear the camera nor what’ll come out of it. Being at ease is the most important thing when shooting Project L – or what the hell, when just simply photographing people.
      2. Lighting. I actively try to avoid using artificial lighting purposed just for the photos, such as flashes or strobes, but instead attempt to rely on ambient lighting, should it be reflected sunlight, candles or simply the lightbulbs on the roof. Naturally the latter ones require better direction for the models, as in where to be, where to look at, how to twist the body and so on.
      3. Focus. By this I don’t necessarily mean the focus of the lens (although this is of course important, too), but moreover the images’ focus on the target; what is the model doing, what is happening, how is the photo framed, what can you see in the photo and what shouldn’t be there. But then again, it is necessarily for me to admit that I overuse huge apertures – I usually shoot on the biggest aperture a lens has to offer, most often nowadays with Canon’s 35mm f/1.4L II’s widest. I mean man, this lens is just the best in everything it does.


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