These are the behind the scenes and outtakes of Project L: Part 42: Midsummer in the city

When you let people do what they want to, the images might not be as interesting as they could be – but that’s life. You’ve got to give room to new possibilities and new viewpoints, even though the end results may differ.

Then again, there’s always the factor of the photographer, yours truly, enjoying quite a few alcoholic beverages. Some people don’t mind a few drinks at all when concerning the quality of the photography, but I can honestly say, that alcohol has an effect on me. Not by any huge measurements, but I’ll have to aknowledge that it exists.

I’d be so delighted if we would’ve had the possibility to take more photos on the fields, but combined mosquitos and tiredness were really pushing us back, especially through my inspiration.


About the process
of photography

There’s not much in the ways of photography to explain here. Using – yet again – Canon’s 35mm f/1.4L II, I simply photographed what happened around us, trying to find the best angles and compositions that were available in the small backyard and the somewhat dimly-lit interior of my friends’ house.

The 53rd and 54th projects have been shot already as well, so stay tuned, and remember to follow Project L’s Facebook for further updates!


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Latex used in the project:
Metallic Old Gold Angelina Catsuit Libidex
Metallic Blue Lily Halter Suit Libidex
Red Scarlet Swing Dress Libidex


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