These are the behind the scenes and outtake photos of Project L: Part 56 – University of Malta.

Every person has a limit. A limit to what they can do, a limit to what they want to do. For me, my greatest limit is my capability of creating; if I’m exhausted, there simply is not enough room in my head to lie back and stop to think, what do I want to do say with the images, what do I want the viewers to feel.

Lately all of my creativity has withered away, as I’ve been using it too much. Five days a week, for eight hours, I write. And, unfortunate for me, the same stream of creativity that I use for writing comes from the exact same resource as my inspiration to create photography. This means that when comes the weekend, I just want to stay still and do nothing, as in to prepare for the next week and the challenges on creativity that I will face.

This is the reason it has taken me so long to publish these behind the scene photos; because I’ve felt that I simply don’t have enough resources left.

Hopefully this will change and I’ll be able to find a way to both be creative and be able to work at the same time.

About the process
of photography

The Maltese sun is extremely different from the Finnish sun – well, what little of Finnish sun there is. The sun usually so high above the horizon, compared to Finland, where the few hours when it looms above the horizon leave the sun just barely above the treeline.

This made me constantly change lenses and try new approaches during the photoshoot as well in the editing process. I found it easier to try new things on Lightroom, to extend my previous editing with opening shadows a bit more and then dimming the highlights, while leaving the model’s lighting relatively natural, I tried to focus on the background to divert the viewer’s eyes more into the model.

The next Project L has been planned to be shot next weekend, and so it will, if nothing goes wrong – but things usually tend to go wrong, when you least expect them to. So if I expect things to go wrong, then they might not.

Oh well.


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Black Matrix Catsuit Libidex
Plum Princess Catsuit Libidex


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