When there’s barely any time for latex, life does not feel like living.

Well, it does. Sort of. But still there’s a huge chunk of me missing. There’s almost a smaller chunk missing, too, as I was in a minor back surgery recently, and am still recovering with the wound – which means that no latex for me until the wound is healed. So… yeah.

However, I’m visiting Finland in the start of July, and we’re planning to squeeze a shoot with Didi Ou, too! Perhaps another one with Leila, as we’re planning to drive through Finland during our two-week holiday. Maybe latex roadtrip? Not promising anything for sure, though, because things might change. They always change. There’s always something.

The behind the scenes photos of the 59th part don’t add much to the original photoshoot, to be perfectly honest. But they’re still a bit different and show the girls in slightly different situations. The more the merrier?

At least there’s the video. Surprisingly enough, I’m rather happy with the finished video, even though I was absolutely certain that I don’t have enough shots. At least something’s working!


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Latex used in the project:
Metallic Platinum Standard Women catsuit by Libidex
Black Matrix Catsuit by Libidex


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