The eighth project goes, as the title says, back to the roots with the same girls whom I had in the first two projects, where all this started. As I’ve not worked with the blond-haired girl, nicknamed Jaffa, for a while, I aimed the viewfinder mostly to her, whereas the red-haired girl was the supporting act and a lighting assistant.

As this all was quite too natural, we fell into the pit of “what plans?” and just fooled around. This made it difficult for me to decide which photos should be assorted to the main post and which ones should go to behind the scenes post, but I believe I chose well.

And how did the time fly! When I first checked the time, we had only screwed around for hours. I can’t complain that much, though. Even though the pieces don’t have intentional deep artistic interpretations in them, it shouldn’t really matter – most of these photos are the truest form of “latex in real life”.

Unfortunately we found two rips from the black-red catsuit, which is actually Libidex’s Matrix catsuit with a front zipper. I can’t blame Libidex, though, nor even the chlorination process. Most likely the fault is of my own – as chlorinated garments don’t need any lube or talc, I haven’t handled the suit with the proper care, thus it has become quite brittle. Nevertheless, I put a quick fix on it with a vulcanizing glue and replacement latex patches. Better be careful in the future. All this will most likely lead into the need of purchasing a new catsuit quite soon. And I can’t really afford that.

We also recorded few video clips, this time longer than with the last project. You can see the video and behind the scenes photos and outtakes here:

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