These are the behind the scenes photos and outtakes of Project L: Part 8 – Back to the roots

As I wrote in the main post, it was very difficult to choose between behind the scenes photos and actual ones, as we just fooled around like buffoons.

I’m very much a newbie in creating videos. Sure, I know the basics of Adobe’s Premiere pro, but hell, I’m not accustomed to shooting video with a DSLR – especially without image stabilzation. Well, life’s full of learning new things. And I enjoy that.

The video below is very shaky, but I did not want to stabilize it with Youtube’s built-in stabilization program as it really messes up the angles of the video and such. And causes nausia.

Things I should invest in:
– Adobbe Premiere Pro 6 (it has image stabilization settings!)
– Image stabilization system (steadicam)
– A lens with image stabilization (why don’t they have L-series IS lenses with aperature f/2.8?)
– A new catsuit (the red-black one is tearing apart)
– Rubber treating substances (perhaps I could save the catsuit…)

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