These are the behind the scenes photos and outtakes of Project L: Part 9 – Modern geisha.

These images, as well as the actual photos, were captured with Canon’s 1Dx, which I haven’t used as much as the 5D Mark III. I’ll have to admit, I’ve grown into liking 5D3 much more, and the difference between the two models isn’t that important – at least to me. And I’m so accustomed to 5D3’s controls that using 1Dx wasn’t as much of an extension to my hand as 5D3 is. Tuula used her trustworthy 5D Mark III for this photoshoot.

We messed up the audio levels of the video, therefore you can listen the wonderful chiptunes of Akumusa.swf. And speaking of video, it’s silly how I always get immersed into the actual photography so much that I forget all about recording of the video. I still would wish for a more stable image, but I really can’t afford a stabilized lens right now.

Saturday’s photoshoot of part ten was also cancelled due to everybody catching the flu, so we moved it to next week’s Sunday, 19th of May. Then, again if everything goes as planned, we’ll be shooting with Laura at Helsinki.

I’d still like to remind that Emmi’s military-style outfit and socks were made by Latex by Tiina Rikala who’s borrowing the outfit for Project L. She’s a wonderful latex tailor, go check her site out!

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