The city of Järvenpää, where we are resided, is surrounded by the municipality of Tuusula. Inside Tuusula there are three smaller centrals, imagine them as three different towns inside of a town; Hyrylä, Jokela and Kellokoski.

Today’s journey heads to the closest one of them, Kellokoski, a place with history leading it back to 1700s. More recently it has been in the local news about its mental institution being shut down.

We were too late.

Getting ready for the shoot is a huge part of the project’s casualness, but it gets a bit old. I tried not capturing that much of the makeup process and such, because, let’s face it – if you’ve seen the recent projects with Leila, you’ve seen our bathroom a zillion times already.

This had nothing to do with the fact that I was way too lazy to clean up the apartment properly.

Absolutely nothing like that.

In this photo Leila is taking out her phone, with her eyes gazing to the distance, wondering about whether there might be any Poké Stops nearby.

That’s right – we’ve made a return to Pokémon Go. If you’re a frequent visitor, you might remember that back in 2016 we did some Poké-catching on the first day when the game was released, during the latex motorcycling photoshoot.

It was buggy as heck and barely even worked.

It is now slightly less buggy, but seems to at least work.


This is the wall of the Church of Kellokoski, which saw its first official use in the year 1800.

We, sinful adults, are drawn into the beauty of the outsides of churches, but dare not to head inside. Who knows what could happen, we might turn into dust or spontaneously combust.

Besides, I was taught to respect religions. We don’t want to just go inside and start drawing attention to ourselves for a photo opportunity without asking for a permission first.

Above you can see the dam of Kellokoski. Through it flows the river Keravanjoki, named by a very silly place that calls itself a city, but instead, has mostly glorified hot dog stands and fist fights in their queues.

At the end of 1700’s, some power of the river was harvested in this very place – but it was only in 1911 when the proper dam was built.

If you’re visiting nearby, I’d highly recommend visiting this place. There are lovely cafes around.

Just before this photo was taken, we had taken over a gym in Pokémon Go. Few minutes after, a group of young kids sprinted there and seemed upset. After realizing that it was us, filthy adults doing this, they screamed at us desperately to not take over “their” gym”.

We realized that we are very old, and probably should not play games that 10-year-olds play.

We let them have their gym back.

This box contains technical photography jargon. Feel free to skip if you’re not into that.

Terribly sorry if some of these photos seem a bit soft. I’ve been diving back into using my Canon EF 50mm f/1.2L. It’s an old lens, and it really shows – at its widest aperture, it is not very sharp.

Some blame goes, naturally, to the user of the camera as well, but I’m still drooling after Canon’s new RF series of lenses, especially the new RF-variant of 50/1.2L. It looks like an absolute beast.

I might switch over from 1D X Mark III whenever its RF-equilavent arrives… and only if I can afford it. Not diving for Canon R3 yet, I’ll probably wait for the possible R1.

It was slightly windy, if you didn’t guess yet.

I call this part of the project “Leila leaning to fences”.

You’ll never guess why.

So you see, that’s where the trouble began.

That smile.

That damned smile.”

The following series is called “Leila does an amazing trick”.

We had walked a circle and found our way back to our car. But before that, there was just one thing to do…

Take back control of that Pokémon Gym from those 10-year-olds.

And so we did. Above you see the face of a winner. A winner who just won three 10-year-olds in a mobile game.

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Latex used in the project

Black Women’s Standard Catsuit by Fantastic Rubber

3 Responses

  1. patreon_9946827 says:

    Thank you (and Leila) for sharing this lovely excursion ;)

  2. Sorry for repeating myself, but it’s all beautiful again.

  3. Maximus says:

    I’m getting worried with the lack of footed catsuits! Laila was the queen of the fully enclosed suit. Not taking anything away from her current poses, she’s looking radiant, just need some enclosed feet lol.

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