Latex in Nokia

We’re in Nokia!

No, not at the world-known cellphone and wireless manufacturer that just rebranded its logo, but the city of Nokia.

Where Nokia was, unsurprisingly, founded.

Ah. But you’re not here for the history of Nokia (although if you are, I would point you to this Wikipedia page), but about latex.

Latex worn at Nokia.

Our story starts with a mug of coffee, as many stories do (black Volvos are passé nowadays).

The beautiful typography in the mug roughly translates to “fuck this shit”, although a direct translation would be “pussy what shit”, which is admittedly much funnier.

The cup, although very unique, has its predecessor featured as early as Project L #73 – in this specific image.
As we are in the topic of mugs, in Project L Part #30 we can find another of Didi’s mug, which has much less profanities in it.
Are eevee’s evolutions profanities?
We headed off to charge my car. On the hunt for a 150kW charger, we managed to pick up few parcels for Didi from two different post locations.
Ah, the wonderful benefits of being a model for Project L!

The Finnish spring weather was lovely, but there were still few snowy spots around, and the wind rose up to unnecessary cold levels at some points.

It’s Finland, after all.

Someone had commented previously that all we do are walking around in the woods.

Well, that’s Finland for you. Over 75% of Finland’s land area is covered by forests (source), and if you walk more than a few kilometres to any direction, there’s probably forest.

We’re basically elves, you know.

But, yes, there are some minor things in Finland besides woods.

Like cafés, for example. Because the elf-Finns drink a lot of coffee.

So we went to a café, after a brief pose.

The cake was not that good. It was a pre-made, frozen cake.

It’s just that I am so absolutely hilarious.

It’s ridiculous how much joy we could get from an old, long-since abandoned loading dock.

The orange of the tiles really contrasted Didi’s metallic blue catsuit so well.

So, of course, Didi jumped off the dock. Perhaps she flew, perhaps she fell.

We might never know. Us elf-Finns are a mysterious bunch of people, especially when in latex.

“Yes, it is a glove,” Didi said. “A glove indeed.”

Wait, this is the wrong franchise. There are no beheaded stormtroopers in the land of the elf-Finns, as far as it is known.

Nor Mandalorians!

This corner of an old factory’s loading area was a nifty area to shoot at. It was a bit secluded, so not too many passerbys were present (asides from one very curious lady), and, best of all, the cold, cold winds of the Finnish April did not reach Didi’s bare catsuit.

All good must come to an end, and even though the tradition of the elf-Finns carries on, our photoshoot was at its twilight.
Wait, no, not the teenage vampire franchise, I mean a figurative twilight, as in the sun has set and the shoot is almost over.
No, don’t bring the Twilight fanfiction stuff here. No!
Stop it!
By the way, the full-length video of this shoot is coming soon to – please support our little latex art project there!
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Latex used in the project

Metallic Blue Catsuit by Latex by Tiina Rikala

3 Responses

  1. Amyphist says:

    Love the shiny jacket! Goes well with the catsuit. :)

  2. Great shots

  3. InLatexWeTrust says:

    That photoset in Nokia is so well done and so solid it could probably survive an impact with… a Nokia 3310.

    This pun shall be my masterpiece, my work here is done!

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