Latex photoshoots? No, updates first!

Why does it always come to me rambling all about how busy life is and whatnot. Always, I’m telling you! It’s like your everyday Geocities blogger who only writes few times a year, excuses and excuses.

So before we get into the project, let’s get the late happenings sorted out!

First of all, I got a job as a videographer. Yes, again, but this time in Finland instead of Malta! I actually got the call to come up for an interview during our last latex photoshoot with Didi Ou and, apparently, I did well in the interview.

Secondly, as I am using my own equipment for work, I finally saw the need to officially upgrade my camera body. Farewell my old and trusty Canon EOS 1D X. You served me well, but unfortunately you can’t shoot 4K nor have an autofocus. Your successor, in the other hand, does have that – so I’d all like to introduce you to Canon EOS 1D X Mark II. You’ve seen him do some secret cameos in previous projects, in example the 55th part where we shot latex in malta. With the new camera come a couple of lenses, too, to be utilised in later Project Ls

Latex outdoors in the Finnish woods, by hooping

Do you know that feeling when you really just want to spin the hoop in the woods, but mosquitoes keep bothering you? Well, here’s the perfect solution for you – wear a latex catsuit! It has a better grip to the hoop and it covers your whole body so that mosquitoes can’t get on your skin!

Miia has been hooping for a while now, and she’s getting good at it. Why not shoot her doing her hobby in real life, then, as is the original purpose of Project L?

We headed off to Haaga’s Alppiruusupuisto, translated roughly as Rhododendron park. The park’s area isn’t that big, which was quite a surprise to us – and as the flowery areas were full of people, we really couldn’t shoot there in peace. Thus, we headed off to quieter roads of the park.

It’s seldomly the perfect weather to wear latex, and this time was no exception; 26 degrees Celsius and barely any wind really took the toll on us, and of course to Miia. But yet I still think that I was the one suffering more due to work-related stress and stuff.

We shot plenty of video, and this time it’s in 4K. Gonna try to edit and get it out as soon as possible!

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Latex used in the project:
Claret Princess Catsuit by Libidex


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