A while ago I interviewed one of Project L’s models, Miia, who has now modelled for the project for five photoshoots, two of which lasted overnight (winter cottage and the cruise). In theory, she’s thus modelled the most for me.

This interview got its initial idea at the very start of the project, when I received multiple requests asking the models’ point of view and overall comments about latex clothing, the project and everything in between.

Initially my idea was to carry out the interview in English, but as the model thought – quite precisely so – that she’d be more at ease and could be more honest whilst speaking Finnish, we did it by her wishes.

This one’s been undergoing the editing phase for weeks now. Whenever I’d gotten the time to return editing the video, something else came up; busy hours at work, another part of Project L, concussion by a camera tripod… There are always a multitude of reasons to avoid tedious tasks such as subtitling a video.

Adding the subtitles was indeed the biggest workload. As I’m not really that experienced with Premiere pro, I don’t have much routine on adding subtitles to a 14-minute long piece, thus taking forever.

Whilst Miia visited my studio for the interview, we also paddled through thousands of unpublished photos of her. I let Miia choose photos of her liking to be included with the video.

These photos are usually not that artistic, and are what I as a photographer would call unsuccessful ones. But the world is different to those who do not take photography as seriously as I do, and that’s a perfectly fine viewpoint to take every now and then.

It’s good to recognize that I’m not a perfect photographer; many of my photos tend not to be the ones I’d like to show. But that’s okay. Modesty is a good policy.

The images are in chronological order and include unpublished photos from parts 13, 17, 20, 21 and 22.

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